Crowdcentric / Social Media Week                         
One Studio
To design a modular, interactive installation to demonstrate Microsoft’s One Drive cloud services at Social Media Week events around the world
We drew inspiration from the cloud shape of the Microsoft OneDrive logo, designing a modular structure with semi-transparent walls that would provide a clean, neutral background against the colourful Microsoft devices. We used simple materials such as plywood and white laminate., accented with fluorescent paint.
The design of the structure means that it can be flat packed, transported and easily erected on site. The vertical components were treated with wax, while the horizontal elements were coloured. Table surfaces were kept white, so as not to draw attention away from the devices, while the seating and cross bracing were coloured in order to visually compliment them.
As the studio was to be used across all of Social Media Week’s locations – London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Sydney – we designed a custom painted skyline for each location.